How To Get Rid Of Mucus In Throat

How To Get Rid Of Mucus In Throat

How To Get Rid Of Mucus In Throat?


How to get rid of mucus in throat is one of the most frequent questions that arise in daily life. Mucus is scientifically known as phlegm. One has an uncomfortable feeling when the mucus blocks the path inside ones throat. In Layman’s language mucus is the congestion inside the throat. Though mucus causes troubles but on the other hand they have many positive effects on the human body. Mucus also comprises of antibodies that alerts the human body about the arrival of bacteria and various viruses. Study by various scientists says that the human body produces approximately 1 liter of mucus daily.

So, here are some tips on how to get rid of mucus in throat

  • One of the most basic answer of the question, how to get rid of mucus in throat is by inhaling steam from the hot boiling water. One must use the towel so that the steam is directed towards the nostrils. Breathing in this hot steam will would definitely lessen the congestion caused by the mucus.
  • Another common solution to this problem is gargling with warm salty water.
  • Increasing the intake of liquids is highly recommendable by the experts. Drinking cold water is helpful.
  • How to get rid of mucus in throat naturally? Lemon tea and honey are the best natural ways to reduce the mucus in throat. One can buy lemon tea from the nearest market of can add about two teaspoons full of lemon juice in a fresh warm water. In addition to this a teaspoon of honey in this liquid would be very soothing for the throat.
  • Getting rid of the mucus in throat can also be exciting. Some of the experts suggest that eating spicy food would help in removal of excessive mucus from the throat. Though the spices would cause the water running from nose. Horseradish and pepper are such examples of such spices.
  • Eating toasts can also remove the unwanted mucus from the throat. The toast will scrape down the throat gently and the mucus would be in digested with the throat itself.
  • Warm liquids such as chicken soup and hot cup of tea or coffee are highly effective in breaking down the mucus present in the throat.
  • Everyone knows smoking is hazardous for one’s health. Smoking even helps the mucus to grow more rapidly. Avoiding smoking would help in the process of removal of mucus from throat.
  • Dairy products do contains fats. These fats make the mucus more thick and it becomes more difficult to remove this.
  • How to get rid of mucus in mouth in rhythm? Humming to self reduces the mucus. Vibrations that are caused by humming helps in breaking down the mucus.
  • In order to get rid of mucus, one should remember to spit and not to swallow. Phlegm that occurs with cough should be spited away with the help of a tissue.

So these are some tips on how to get rid of mucus in the throat.